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Roy Khoury
Working to improve hip mechanics starts with a reference of what is neutral and how do we stack our joints.
Since we have 2 hips and 1 spine, we have to learn to weight transfer from left to right (and vise versa). After you weight transfer then we can rotate into the hips.
As golfers, sometimes we might feel that we stall out and turn our pelvis too late in our swing. Or we might spin out and the hips rotate way too fast...
In either case, we have to making sure that we weight shift (and pressure shift) properly to allow freedom of movement with hip rotation, while owning ground force and pressure into the floor. ———————— @rleebentham is doing a fantastic job demonstrating weight shift into the lead side and owning her internal rotation with good ground force production. Well done!!! Can’t wait to get you on @boditraksports mat to further refine.

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